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Why the EU’s true support for Ukraine is being assessed

Also in this newsletter: Does Brussels really think aeroplanes can be ‘green’?

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‘We attract truly radical people’: Project Veritas unearths more extreme Sanders staffers

Apparently it isn’t that tough to find radical left-wing staffers on the Bernie Sanders presidential primary campaign. Project Veritas this week released the third video in its #Expose2020 series featuring hidden-camera footage of two South Carolina field organizers—paid staff, not volunteers—expressing support for upending the U.S. government and overthrowing capitalism. A field organizer identified as Daniel Taylor…

‘Jeopardy!’ outrages pro-Palestinian viewers after declaring Bethlehem in Israel

TV show “Jeopardy!” outraged pro-Palestinian viewers on Friday after declaring the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem is located in Israel and not “Palestine.” Under the “Where’s that church” category, contestants were given the clue, “Built in the 300s AD, the Church of the Nativity.” Contestant Katie Needle was the first to ring in, guessing,…