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Wall Street limps to all-time high as ‘sugar rush’ fades

Tech stocks lift S&P 500 past January 2022 record after broad-based rally fizzles out

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Accused thieves, child-porn suspects, suspected murderers among DACA recipients: Report

There are teachers and lawyers, but tucked inside the DACA population are also thousands of accused drunk drivers and thieves, hundreds of forgers, sexual abusers, and even 15 people charged with murder, according to updated government numbers released Saturday. Sixty-two “Dreamers” were approved for DACA despite having rape charges in their file, and two dozen…

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Senate Republicans secured enough votes Tuesday to set rules that would open President Trump’s impeachment trial without immediately calling witnesses, defying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and pushing her closer to a cave-in on refusing to transmit the articles of impeachment to the upper chamber. The Senate GOP’s most unreliable and anti-Trump members didn’t defect from…