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Taiwan’s top computer maker to produce servers in US to tap AI boom

Asus owner aims to grow data centre and mini PC businesses

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Pete Buttigieg military service pitch invites ‘Swift Boat’ sequel

A seven-month deployment in Afghanistan shrouded in secrecy is a key piece of Pete Buttigieg’s pitch to voters in the 2020 presidential race, with the former South Bend, Indiana, mayor arguing that his status as a veteran and his time in a war zone give him foreign policy gravitas and first-hand military experience none of…

Pfizer coronavirus vaccine deal touted by Trump

Pfizer will provide 100 million doses of its coronavirus vaccine if and when it is approved later this year under a “historic” deal with the government, President Trump said Wednesday, as three states and the District of Columbia scrambled in the meantime to stanch the spread of the virus by mandating masks outside the home.…