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Richard Burr’s Crime Wasn’t Panic-Selling Stock – It Was Lying to the American Public

Senator Richard Burr sold as much as $1.7 million of stock shortly before financial markets suffered a sudden plunge. Burr faces insider trading allegations because he was receiving classified coronavirus briefings around the same time he dumped his stock. But his real crime isn’t insider trading – it’s lying to the American public about his…

‘Richard Jewell’ Is Clint Eastwood’s Rebuke to the Kavanaugh Hysteria

There appears to be no stopping Clint Eastwood. At age 89, he is about to release his 38th directorial effort, “Richard Jewell.” The engaging trailer below lays out the story of the wrongfully-maligned security officer who saved countless lives by discovering a bomb in Atlanta during the 1996 Olympics. Clint Eastwood’s American Heroes Clint Eastwood…