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How AMD Might Accidentally Kill Sony’s PS5 Console

AMD recently struck a deal to boost its cloud gaming prospects. AMD is a key supplier for Sony’s PS5 console. The advantages and advancements in cloud gaming pose a threat to the PS5. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is a key ally of Sony in the gaming console business. The chipmaker powers the PlayStation 4 with…

Might & Magic Chess Royale Is the Most Insane Game Ubisoft Has Ever Made

Ubisoft has announced another mobile title in the Might & Magic series. Might & Magic Chess Royale will marry the battle royale and Auto Chess genres. This is clearly another step in Ubisoft’s plan to milk the franchise of all the money they possibly can with terrible phone games. Chasing trends is just part of…

This PS5 ‘Leak’ Might Give You a Blurry First Look at Sony’s New Console

A new “leak” offers a raft of new PlayStation 5 details. Sony is allegedly set to unveil its console on February 5. It’s rumored to be priced at $499 for release in October 2020. The leaker shared a picture of what the console supposedly looks like. Sony’s drip-feed of PlayStation 5 details has left most…

Grounded Might Be the Best Survival Game Ever

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