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Xi Jinping Urged to Prepare for War as Beijing Braces for Anti-China Backlash

Anti-China sentiment has surged in the wake of coronavirus. An internal report shared with senior members of the Communist Party urged policymakers to prepare for escalating conflict with Washington. The global economy is reeling from government lockdown orders to contain the spread of the novel disease. A return to normal could be years away. The…

Dow Pierces 28,500 as Xi Jinping Touts Trump Trade Deal’s Global Impact

The Dow Jones rose Friday as Xi Jinping praised Trump’s phase one deal, but geopolitical tensions lurk behind the scenes. Another bounce now puts the stock market at record highs after the last full week of trade in 2019. Losses in Boeing (NYSE: BA) and Nike (NYSE: NKE) prevented the Dow from rallying further. The…