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S&P 500 hits new record as tech rally pushes stocks higher

Gains drive Wall Street’s blue-chip index above previous peak in January 2022

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Bernie Sanders blasts ‘friend’ Joe Biden bad votes on trade, Iraq war

WASHINGTON — Bernie Sanders says Joe Biden is “a friend” but that it’s time to be honest about which of the two can beat President Donald Trump. The mention of Biden’s name caused boos among a crowd of Sanders‘ supporters at a rally in San Jose, California. Sanders told the crowd “nope,” as a way…

Commission turns down Trump campaign request for additional debate

The Commission on Presidential Debates put the kibosh on the Trump campaign’s request to add a fourth debate to the schedule — though officials said they would consider changes if the Trump and Biden campaigns can come to an agreement. “The Commission has found that three 90-minute debates work well to fulfill the voter education…