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Donald Trump asks Supreme Court to OK border wall building

The administration asked the Supreme Court Friday to lift lower court rulings halting President Trump’s border wall emergency, asking to be allowed to begin construction while the case proceeds through those lower courts. Justice Department lawyers say the lawsuits should be tossed, arguing those who sued don’t have standing to bring the cases in the…

What you need to know about Canada’s new air passenger protection rules, which start Monday

Canadian airlines will be required to compensate passengers for lost luggage or getting bumped from overbooked flights under a new air passenger rights regime that comes into effect Monday despite industry efforts to quash the rules in federal court.As of July 15, the Canadian Transportation Agency’s air passenger protection regulations will impose standards on airlines…

Donald Trump says ‘we need Democrats’ to pass Canada-Mexico trade pact

President Trump called on congressional Democrats Friday to approve his new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico and stop “playing around” with a deal that will benefit American workers. Speaking at Derco Aerospace in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mr. Trump said lawmakers should send the agreement known as USMCA to his desk “immediately” for his signature. “We…

‘Canada is on sale’: Grim mood dominates energy industry’s biggest party amid oil glut, job losses

CALGARY — Frustration is palpable among Canadian energy executives who have flocked to the annual Calgary Stampede celebrations in Canada’s oil capital this week, even though a recent pipeline approval gives them something to celebrate amid the rodeo competitions, corporate parties and pancake breakfasts.The federal government’s approval of the Trans Mountain expansion last month was…

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