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An Indian village has many more twins than can be explained

Twins in Kodinhi are surprisingly common Hemis / Alamy Stock Photo By Clare Wilson A small village in India is seeing an explosion in the number of twins born and no one knows why. Kodinhi, in the southern state of Kerala, now has one thousand twins in a …

Genetically modified virus may shrink incurable brain cancers

Tiny phages that usually infect microbes could fight cancer Science Photo Library/Getty By Michael Le Page People with incurable melanomas and brain or breast cancers are to get injections of tumour-fighting viruses. The trial will test the safety of a vi…

Did the ancestor of all humans evolve in Europe not Africa?

The hominin-like piece of upper jaw was found in Nikiti, Greece David R. Begun By Colin Barras THE jaws of an ancient European ape might speak volumes about the origins of our ancestors. A new analysis of these fossils supports a controversial idea: that t…

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