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Over 75% of foreign money into Chinese stocks in 2023 has left

Investors wait for signs of strong economic rebound before buying back in

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Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Ilhan Omar among Donald Trump targets in Minneapolis, Minnesota rally

President Trump told supporters Thursday night that Democratic candidate Joseph R. Biden “was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s ass” and took aim at Minnesota’s influx of Somali refugees, including liberal Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar. In his first campaign rally since Democrats launched an impeachment inquiry against him,…

To stop COVID-19 pandemic, America needs a sanitizing line of defense

ANALYSIS/OPINION: The coronavirus pandemic is the most serious global health crisis in modern history. Governments around the world are rushing to support ailing citizens, struggling economies and devastatingly low medical supplies.  Constitutionally, America’s most important function is to protect its citizens. This should include preventing infection or death. That is why it came as such…