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Nato strikes €1.1bn ammunition deal to support Ukraine

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Inside the Beltway: Joe Biden tweaks history to benefit campaign

A sharp-eyed observer detects that Democratic presidential hopeful Joseph R. Biden is slowly but surely trying to amend his public record to benefit his campaign for president. Case in point: During an interview with ABC News on Sunday, Mr. Biden criticized President Trump for not enacting a ban on travel to and from China soon…

Michael Bennet fails to qualify for debate, vows to stay in 2020 presidential race

DENVER — Colorado politicos still remember where they were on Jan. 3, 2009, the day Gov. Bill Ritter rocked the state by naming a little-known school superintendent named Michael Bennet to the Senate seat vacated by Ken Salazar. “That caught everyone by surprise,” recalled University of Denver political science professor Seth Masket. “I was one…