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Missiles from Iran and North Korea boost Russia’s onslaught on Ukraine

Moscow changes tactics with unprecedented barrages aiming ‘to crack the code’ of Ukrainian air defences

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Mississippi ICE raids: Most illegal immigrants stole Americans’ identities

Most of the 680 illegal immigrants nabbed in August’s immigration raids at poultry plants in Mississippi worked under stolen American identities, the Department of Homeland Security’s top investigator told Congress Thursday, rebuffing Democrats who insisted the “undocumented” workers were doing no harm. “They stole the IDs of 400 U.S. citizens,” said Jere Miles, who leads…

Pete Buttigieg health care plan estimated to save $450 billion over 10 years: Study

Pete Buttigieg is the only major Democratic presidential candidate whose health care plan doesn’t blow a hole in the federal budget, according to a new analysis Friday by a nonpartisan watchdog group. The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget says Mr. Buttigieg’s health plan would cost $2.85 trillion over 10 years, but thanks to his…