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Milei’s victory in Argentina cheered by investors

President-elect faces huge economic challenges without congressional majority

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America’s Faucian bargain

ANALYSIS/OPINION: Anthony Fauci’s embarrassing face-plant on Opening Day at Nationals Park was not because he threw a crazy sidewinder rainbow that looked more like a bad throw toward first base than a ceremonial first pitch towards home plate. To be sure, that was embarrassing. His weak performance on the mound gave a bad name to…

U.S. investors unwittingly fueling China’s massive military buildup

A Commerce Department official warned Congress recently that China is raising billions of dollars in U.S. capital markets and the activity could undermine American security. Nazak Nikakhtar, assistant secretary for international trade at the Commerce Department, testified last month that Chinese companies raised $48 billion from American capital markets from 2013 through the end of…