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FirstFT: EU plans to sabotage Hungary’s economy if Orbán vetoes Ukraine aid

Also in today’s newsletter, US says three troops killed by Iran-backed militants and EY monitors UK staff attendance

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Rep. Ilhan Omar on Sunday reaffirmed her support for the controversial Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel, explaining that it allows people to demand justice from the country in a peaceful way. Appearing on CBS’s “Face The Nation,” Ms. Omar was asked by host Margaret Brennan whether she stood by her earlier calls for…

Facebook, Google, Amazon breakup splits conservatives

Conservatives who long have favored limited government are becoming increasingly divided over a federal crackdown on Big Tech. On one side are right-leaning groups that think companies such as Facebook, Amazon and Google are biased against conservatives and have grown too big. On the other are the more libertarian organizations who say the push to…