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Doodles Joins Luxury Watch Brand G-Shock To Launch NFT-Inspired Watches

Doodles, the digital asset firm and the team behind the popular blue-chip non-fungible token collection, Doodles, has partnered with the luxury watch brand G-shock to […]

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In a world reliant on smartphone apps, bank branches may no longer be Main Street mainstays, with red velvet ropes between brass stanchions herding customers to tellers behind wickets.But they’re still an important part of banking and, in Canada, the two largest lenders are beating their smaller rivals at drawing more and more revenue from…

NASA Alerts About ‘Potentially Dangerous’ Asteroid – The Digital Weekly

NASA has affirmed that a space rock more significant than the tallest human-made structures on Earth will miss the planet by two or three million miles Saturday, the International Business Times announced. The space rock is going toward Earth at a speed of very nearly 34,000 miles for each hour, the outlet reported. A crash…