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Dividends divide: regular income or lost opportunities?

Yet UK company payouts outstrip returns on 10-year gilts

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Obamas-produced Netflix doc ‘American Factory’ nominated for Oscar

The first film produced by Barack and Michelle Obama’s Higher Ground Productions was nominated for an Oscar on Monday. Distributed by Netflix, “American Factory” centers on Chinese company Fuyao’s factory in Moraine, Ohio. It will be considered for the Best Documentary category at the Academy Awards on Feb. 9, competing against “The Cave,” “For Sama,”…

Maxine Waters coronavirus plan threatens insurance industry

Pressure has been building on the insurance industry to reimburse companies big and small for their losses after a proposal began circulating in Congress that would treat the COVID-19 pandemic like an act of terrorism for insurance purposes. The Pandemic Risk Insurance Act would require insurers to cover business losses resulting from pandemics. The federal…