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CBDCs can bring a revolution for the future of money, says the Bank of England (2)

In crypto, there is no correction room for a missed opportunity. So, here we are with your everyday crypto news treat. Take a look:   Ripple to partner with the Republic of Palau to develop a digital currency   Thriving as a top-tier crypto and blockchain portal for international payments, Ripple has collaborated with the … Read More

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Postmedia notches 13th-straight quarter of digital revenue growth

Postmedia Network Canada Corp. announced its results for the second quarter on Friday, delivering operating income of $5.4 million before depreciation, amortization and restructuring costs.Postmedia, which owns a network of publications and digital properties across the country, including the National Post and Financial Post, reduced operating costs by 7.3 per cent in in the period ended Feb. 29, 2020, while…

Two satellites just had a close call — but experts say it’s just a matter of time before a collision – Salon

As humankind sends ever-more satellites into orbit about Earth’s atmosphere, the probability of a dramatic collision increases. Tonight, two well-tracked human satellites had a decent chance of colliding in space above Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Though reports as of 7PM ET suggest that the satellites just missed each other, experts say that as the number of satellites and…