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Dow Ends Worst Week Since 2008 as Coronavirus Shuts Down Global Economy

The Dow plunged last week to a level not seen since the financial crisis of 2008 as economists predict a deep recession. Businesses are shutting down as people stay in their homes. Fiscal stimulus will probably only blunt the pandemic, not stop it. The Dow Jones ended its worst week since 2008, with a 17.3%…

Gold Suffers Worst Crash in 3 Years Because Investors Ignored One Crucial Fact

Gold price suffers worst weekly drop in three years as investors tilt toward risk-on assets. December gold futures are hovering around $1,465/oz, the lowest in over three months. Despite the fall, the Federal Reserve’s ‘war on savings’ will keep gold prices trekking higher over the long haul. The price of gold is plunging this week…