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Why Elizabeth Warren’s Housing Plan Would Trash the US Economy

Elizabeth Warren’s new housing plan promises to reduce rents and empower renters. But it follows the same formula that failed to improve housing before. To empower low-income Americans, you must grow the economy. This week Senator Elizabeth Warren unveiled her plan, “Protecting and Empowering Renters,” which promises to reduce rent by 10% through several measures,…

How Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Tax Would Impact Jeff Bezos’ Net Worth – CCN.com

Elizabeth Warren wants billionaires to pay a 3% “wealth tax.” New research proves that tax could have reduced Jeff Bezos’ net worth by a staggering margin. | Source: JOSH EDELSON / AFP (i), Jim WATSON / AFP (ii). Image Edited by CCN.Elizabeth Warren is running for president with a progressive policy platform that she affectionately…