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U.S. Lab’s Dire Warning Puts Surging Stock Market at Risk

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WHO Coronavirus Warning Could Wreck Stock Market Risk Rally

The WHO recently warned re-infection by coronavirus is possible. The CDC remains confident a second wave will hit later this year. The exuberant stock market rally could suddenly unravel. The World Health Organization warned Friday that COVID-19 patients might not be immune to a coronavirus “second infection.” Consequently, the extraordinary stock market risk rally since…

ESRB Loot Box Warning Won’t Stop Greedy Publishers from Screwing Us

The ESRB added a new tag to their ratings, warning buyers of “random items” available as in-game purchases. This is the latest step in the fight to stop the potential harm of loot boxes and similar “surprise mechanics.” While it’s a move in the right direction, this latest step won’t stop greedy publishers from screwing…

Warning! The S&P 500 Is Ripe for a Nauseating Plunge

The S&P 500 may be due for a correction in the next two weeks. Many large-cap names are flashing overbought signals. A round of profit-taking does not mean that the multiyear bull run is over. The S&P 500 looks unstoppable. The index has been in a steep rise ever since it breached resistance of 3,000.…