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Travis Scott’s Fortnite Concert Gives Artists a New Way to Get Rich

Twenty-eight million people saw the “Fortnite Concert” by Travis Scott. Scott’s new song smashed the Billboard charts. Is this the future of the music industry? Whether he meant to or not, Travis Scott just made history. A staggering 28 million people tuned in to his so-called “Fortnite Concert” on April 23, 2020. In an age of social…

Of Course Travis Scott’s Music Resonates With Prepubescent Fortnite Players

Travis Scott just ‘performed’ a concert in the video game Fortnite. The concert drew over 27 million players, many of whom have not reached adulthood. Did Travis Scott just find the perfect audience for his basic music? It seems like Travis Scott just added rocket fuel to his already blossoming career. An appearance in Fortnite…