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This Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC Will Make You Hate Game Freak Even More

Pokemon Sword and Shield enraged longtime fans due to the removal of the National Dex. New DLC was announced on today’s Pokemon Direct, which adds some of these Pokemon back to the game. Considering how shallow Sword and Shield feels, this DLC is a slap in the face. Pokemon Sword and Shield endured a lot…

Pokemon Sword and Shield Does Insanely Well Despite Backlash

Pokemon Sword and Shield seems to be doing well despite being surrounded by controversy. The games sold insanely well in opening weeks and boosted UK Switch sales by 30%. These impressive sales and scores will probably prevent any changes coming to the series in the future. It feels like every article about Pokemon Sword and…

Some Pokemon Sword and Shield Players Don’t Know How to Bathe

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The Pokemon Sword & Shield Hate Train Has Spun Out of Control

The hate train has even steamrolled right over one of the biggest names in the Pokemon community: Serebii. If you’re not in the loop, Serebii.net is one of the best resources out there for Pokemon information Recently, however, the hate has taken target at Serebii’s webmaster,  Joe Merrick. We’ve covered an extensive amount of the…