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Dow Sputters as Trump & McConnell Frantically Reload Fiscal Bazooka

The Dow Jones closed in the red after erasing a 900-point surge. The U.S. stock market suffered negative price-action after a massive gap higher at the opening bell. Trump, McConnell, and Pelosi are all backing more government intervention in the real economy. The Dow Jones completely erased its aggressive rally ahead of Tuesday’s close, as…

Dow Sputters as 5th-Largest Stock Unexpectedly Whiffs on Earnings

The Dow sputtered toward an underwhelming session on Tuesday after the index’s fifth-largest stock whiffed on earnings, punishing investors who sought harbor in its familiar brand name as a defensive play against the trade war and other festering risks. Dow Flatlines as S&P 500 Grinds Toward Record High Wall Street’s major indices all traded cautiously…