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PS5 God of War Sequel Rumor Teases Huge New August Reveal

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PlayStation 5 Rumor – First Leaked Image of Devkit in the Flesh

YouTube channel ZONEofTECH claims to have obtained the first-ever photo of the PlayStation 5 developer kit in the flesh. In a video published yesterday, the YouTuber explains that an anonymous source sent in an image of what is presumed to be the devkit shipped out to developers in anticipation of the console’s release next year.…

PlayStation 5 Rumor: Backward Compatibility Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

According to fresh rumors, Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 will be as much about looking to next-generation gaming as looking back to the console’s rich ‘history,’ raising hopes that backward compatibility will be beyond our wildest dreams. The news is courtesy of the latest episode of Vice Waypoint’s prolific podcast series. Knee deep in a breakdown…

This PlayStation Rumor Suggests Sony Is Afraid of Xbox Two

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has won the current generation of console wars hands down. The Japanese giant has crushed rival Microsoft’s Xbox One by a huge margin and it would want to do the same when the next-generation devices arrive next year. This is probably why Sony is considering going down the value chain to combat…