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Resident Evil 3 Remake Got Torched by Haters – But Capcom Got the Last Laugh

Resident Evil 3 Remake isn’t as well-loved as its predecessor. Disgruntled players criticize its short length and cut content. Despite this, the game shipped over 2 million copies in five days. Resident Evil 3 Remake shipped a staggering 2 million copies within five days of its release. That’s remarkable, especially considering the game’s negative reception…

What Netflix Must Do to Stop Its Resident Evil Series from Sucking

A new Resident Evil Netflix series is going into production. Previous movie adaptations haven’t done well, putting pressure on this series-based adaptation. The creators of the show need to lean heavily into the RE:4’s campy sense of fun. While technically based on the books, the wild success of Netflix’s The Witcher series paved the way…