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Pokimane Gave Her Hot Take on Valorant – And Boy, Is She on the Money

Riot Games’ Valorant borrows elements from Counter-Strike and Overwatch. Valorant will balance personality and gameplay, something Overwatch has struggled to do. Will Valorant overtake Overwatch? Twitch streamer Pokimane thinks so. And she’s absolutely right. Riot Games’ upcoming shooter, Valorant, teases a brilliant mixture of Counter-Strike’s tactical gaming with Overwatch’s personality and abilities. What’s not to…

Pokimane Deal Reveals Exactly Why Twitch Will Win the Streaming War

Streaming star Pokimane has signed a new deal to stay on Twitch. The streamer highlights what led her to remain on the Amazon-owned platform. Community, infrastructure, and her chat all contributed to her decision. Popular streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys announced yesterday she had signed a deal with Twitch that will see her remain on the…