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BioWare Is Planning a Bold No Man’s Sky-Style Overhaul of Anthem

BioWare is planning a major overhaul of Anthem. The core gameplay loop will be reinvented. The aim is to tap into the “full potential” of the game. BioWare announced today that it is planning a substantial revamp of its maligned action-RPG, Anthem. In a statement published today, the developer admitted that Anthem had fallen short…

What’s Sony Planning With Obscure New PlayStation Cartridge Patent?

Sony files patent for PlayStation cartridge in Brazil. Resembles chunky Nintendo 64 cartridges. Is Sony planning a new handheld device to rival Nintendo Switch Lite? Sony Interactive Entertainment filed a patent for what appears to be a PlayStation cartridge patent with the Brazilian INPI patent body on Nov. 5. PlayStation Cartridge Patent The news comes…