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3 Hypocritical Oscars Moments That Prove Hollywood Has Lost Its Mind

Hollywood exploits politics to get attention and distract from the growing irrelevance of the Oscars. The Oscars’ elitist attitude makes it a terrible platform for political activism. Not only did the Academy invite a homophobic performer, but it refused to show feminine hygiene ads during its broadcast. This year the Oscars proved once again just…

Joker’s Oscars Coup Proves Martin Scorsese Is Less Relevant Than Ever

Martin Scorsese turned down the director’s role for Joker, arguing superhero films are “not cinema.” Joker upstaged him this year with 11 Oscar nominations. Scorsese is a living legend, but his relevance is fading quickly. Martin Scorsese is one of Holywood’s most celebrated living directors. He’s also one of the most out-of-touch and blinkered. His…