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FIFA 21 Official Reveal Trailer is Even Worse Than I Expected

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Why Official Xbox Magazine Shutting Down Might Be a Good Thing

The Official Xbox Magazine will be closing its doors after nearly 2 decades of faithful service to the Xbox community. This closure is the latest casualty in the consistent decline in magazine sales. While it’s sad for those who’ve lost jobs, the closure is probably for the best in the long run. It’s always sad…

Official Coronavirus Count Nears 12,000 but This Model Estimates 75,000 Infections

The Wuhan coronavirus is increasingly looking like the plague of our time. Confirmed cases now stand at over 11,000 with 259 fatalities. Most of the carnage is in Wuhan, China. Independent data continues to suggest the outbreak is much worse than the Chinese government is reporting. Why are there bodies in the streets? Entire cities…

Russian Official to Challenge China’s Bitcoin Mining Supremacy

A Russian company has decided to turn an aluminum plant into a crypto mining facility. The facility plans to take on China’s supremacy in bitcoin mining. If bitcoin manages to trade around $9,160, the Russian company estimates profits of up to $99 million per month. The cryptocurrency industry is having an exciting month as governments…