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Astros Manager Laughably Begs Critics to Think of the Children!

The Houston Astros cheating scandal has dominated spring training. The organization has been attacked relentlessly for issuing hollow apologies. New manager Dusty Baker complains that “enough is enough” and is begging the Astros’ irate victims to think about the children. It looks like the Houston Astros have had enough. They’ve issued their boilerplate apology, demonstrating…

Hedge Fund Manager: Inflation Could Pop the Housing Market Bubble in 2020

The housing market is printing highs on several indices. Home values have grown at a breakneck speed, pricing out many buyers. Inflation might be the final nail in the coffin that ends the multiyear housing bull market. Believe it or not, the U.S. housing market is overvalued. This month, the U.S. Housing Market Index soared…