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Might & Magic Chess Royale Is the Most Insane Game Ubisoft Has Ever Made

Ubisoft has announced another mobile title in the Might & Magic series. Might & Magic Chess Royale will marry the battle royale and Auto Chess genres. This is clearly another step in Ubisoft’s plan to milk the franchise of all the money they possibly can with terrible phone games. Chasing trends is just part of…

Magic Desperately Lie to Fans, Pretend Markelle Fultz Can Shoot

When the Orlando Magic traded for Markelle Fultz last season, many fans were probably thinking things like, “WTF” but with more colorful and NSFW words involved. They didn’t have to give much up to get him (Jonathan Simmons and two draft picks). But didn’t the team know? This kid can’t shoot! Brace Yourself for a…