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Is Sony Lying About How Coronavirus Will Impact the PS5 Release?

Sony claims they don’t expect the PS5 launch to be affected by coronavirus. Yet there’s reason to fear that next-gen console launches could be delayed. Either Sony is lying that there’s nothing to worry about, or they’re delusional. Sony appears remarkably confident that the coronavirus outbreak will have virtually zero impact on the PlayStation (PS5)…

Boeing is Lying When it Blames all its Troubles on the Disastrous 737 MAX

Boeing’s Q4 2019 results demonstrate that segments beyond the commercial planes segment are performing poorly. While the US defense budget hits an eye-popping $738 billion, the planemaker registered declines in the Defense, Space and Security division. Rivals such as Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics have recorded revenue increases as well. Boeing (NYSE:BA) is building a…