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Jerry West Was Wrong About Luka Doncic, He’s Already Better Than Dirk

Jerry West thinks Luka Doncic will be the greatest Maverick ever. Luka is already better than Dirk Nowitzki because of his versatility. Dirk is still one of the best power forwards ever; Luka is just better. Luka Doncic will one day be better than Dirk Nowitzki, according to “the Logo” Jerry West. As savvy of…

Jerry Jones Gave Cowboys Fans Another Reason to Hate Him

Jerry Jones owns America’s Team, but he’s done plenty to make Dallas Cowboys fans hate him.He gave them another reason this week during a radio appearance.If Jones hadn’t made a stupid decision, Bill Belichick could be standing on the Dallas sideline instead of Jason Garrett.Jerry Jones may be insanely wealthy and the owner of America’s…