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Persona 3 Has One Glaring Flaw – It’s Time for Atlus to Fix It

#Persona3Remake trended on Twitter as fans fondly remembered the game. A remake makes loads of sense, considering how fragmented the game is. It could also bring in new fans that started the series with Persona 4 or 5. Persona 3 is a gem. One that is worthy of being played by new fans. Unfortunately, the…

The Glaring Detail Beyond Meat Investors are Grossly Underestimating

Since its IPO in May, plant-based burger maker Beyond Meat (NASDAQ:BYND) has delivered incredible returns to those investors who got on board at ground level. However, one detail hidden in the firm’s prospectus has been overlooked—an ongoing lawsuit with ex-manufacturer Don Lee. The majority of coverage on the subject has painted the case as a…