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Lady Gaga’s Valentine’s Day Stunt Makes Her the Queen of the Incels

Lady Gaga just proposed to herself for Valentine’s Day. But don’t think the pop music superstar was “born this way.” Music, movies, and television taught us to be this selfish. Lady Gaga proposed to herself for Valentine’s Day. The entertainment media are covering the stunt like it’s bold and edgy, but it’s exactly the sort…

Here’s What Lady Gaga’s ‘Little Monsters’ Don’t Want You to Know

Lady Gaga is trending worldwide. She’s reportedly about to announce a new album and tour plans. Gaga’s over-caffeinated fan base of “little monsters” swarmed Twitter. They’re bringing the frenetic energy of crazed K-Pop stans. But it sounds like her new music will be as bland and unoriginal as ever. Which is why her album sales…