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Clueless Florida Governor DeSantis Should Attend Classes If He Reopens Schools

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is considering reopening schools this year. He thinks that the coronavirus ‘doesn’t seem to threaten kids.’ Not only does the virus affect kids but kids can infect adults. DeSantis seems clueless about the coronavirus threat. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is reportedly considering reopening Florida schools. The governor seems to under the…

Clueless BIS Says Bitcoin Has ‘Failed’ Despite Near 10,000,000% Lifetime ROI

It’s over; it’s all over. Drop every bag you’re holding, capitulate, and sell. Both the group of seven (G7) and the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) have decreed, in all their wisdom, that bitcoin has failed. A report on stablecoins from G7 and the BIS – also known as the the bank to rule all…