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Chris Cuomo Pulls a Depressing About-Face After Powerful Comments

On Monday, Chris Cuomo had a moment. He took to Sirius XM to trash his job, politics, and the entire ‘system.’ On Tuesday, he took it all back. What’s going on with Chris Cuomo? If Chris Cuomo is any indicator, we might have to add “emotional volatility” to the list of COVID-19 symptoms.  Yesterday, the…

Chris Matthews’ So-Called ‘Retirement’ Isn’t a Victory for Women

MSNBC’s longtime talk show host Chris Matthews has “retired,” effective immediately. The 74-year-old Matthews has blundered his way through a string of controversies of late, including comparing a Bernie Sanders lead in the Nevada caucuses to the Nazis invading France. While his inappropriate comments to GQ columnist Laura Bassett are the reason given for his…