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Tiger King: Carole Baskin’s Only Crime Is Being a Powerful Woman

As the world goes wild for Joe Exotic, where’s the love for Carole Baskin? Netflix’s Tiger King has made a star out of Exotic while Carole is fending for herself. Why? Because she’s a successful woman that speaks her mind. The feud between Tiger King Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin burst onto our screens just…

Carole Baskin Trashes ‘Salacious’ ‘Tiger King’ Series – Twitter Calls BS

Carole Baskin recently took to her website to refute claims that she murdered her ex-husband. Twitter hilariously disagrees with her. Her ex-husband’s cold case has been reopened. The world is out to get Carole Baskin, according to Carole and her husband, Howard. ‘Tiger King’ is rife with clues that link Carol to the disappearance of…