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DMX Calls out Jay-Z and It Might Be the Craziest Thing He’s Ever Done

DMX recently said that he would battle Jay-Z hit-for-hit. While he’s made some terrible decisions in his life, this might be the craziest thing DMX has ever said. Jay-Z would mop the floor with him, and it’s not even close. DMX has always considered himself part-dog, and it appears he’s been employing his k-9 brain…

Mark Cuban Calls Out Elon Musk for Petulant Coronavirus Tirade; Tesla Stock Tanks

Elon Musk cusses out the state of California for “fascism.” Tesla’s stock plummets as Musk loses it in a twitterstorm. Mark Cuban responds that Musk doesn’t have “other people’s interests at heart.” Two days ago, Elon Musk cussed out the State of California during an earnings call for being “fascist” because of its coronavirus shutdown…