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Don’t Let the Dow Rebound Fool You Into Buying This Market Crash

The Dow Jones Industrial Index rebounded by more than 2% Monday. Many investors might be tempted to buy more stocks, thinking the rebound will continue. In most cases, they should wait to see the full economic impact of the coronavirus. The Dow Jones Industrial Index (DJIA) fell 12.4% last week. The index hasn’t plunged that…

Not Buying Slack in 2016 is Bill Gates’ Best Call Ever as Microsoft Tech Advisor

Since the June direct listing, Slack has lost nearly half of its market value.Instead of an acquisition, Bill Gates advocated for an in-house Slack killer.Microsoft Teams now boasts of more daily active users relative to Slack.In 2016 when Slack Technologies (NYSE: WORK) was just a few years old, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) seriously considered acquiring the…

Fake id and Bitcoin

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Why Millennials Suck at Buying Stocks – CCN.com

TD Ameritrade’s data shows that the dumbest investors are Millennials. They invest in the riskiest stocks, and don’t even know why. | Source: Shutterstock Every month, TD Ameritrade puts out a proprietary behavior-based index based on the stock trading behavior of its clients, called the Investor Movement Index, or IMX. There are some critical pieces…