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Baby Boomers Pumped History’s Biggest Stock Bubble – It’s About to Pop

Baby Boomers have accumulated the “most disproportionate wealth in all recorded history” through the stock market and property. As they exit for retirement, we’re sleepwalking into a crisis, argues former hedge fund manager Raoul Pal. Readjust your retirement expectations or look to bonds, emerging markets, and cryptocurrencies for an alternative. The stock markets are carving…

Millions of Baby Boomers Are Increasingly Flocking to Video Games

An AARP survey reveals habits and attitudes of elderly gamers. In 2019, 50.6 million senior citizens played games in some capacity. Most play predominantly on mobile. According to a recent survey published by the AARP interest group, baby boomers are flocking to video games in their old age.The survey aims to understand the general sentiment…