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Charles Barkley Is Disgusted by Cavs’ Treatment of John Beilein, and He’s Right

John Beilein resigned as the Cleveland Cavaliers coach earlier this week. Beilein was a class act as he spoke to Cavs players before leaving and refused to blame the Cleveland front office. NBA legend Charles Barkley put the Cavaliers on blast, describing them as “ridiculous and unprofessional.” As a Charles Barkley fan, it’s no shock…

Saquon Barkley & the Giants Are Putting Both of Their Futures at Risk

Saquon Barkley is not keen on the prospect of sitting out the rest of the NFL season, despite a nagging injury. The New York Giants need to make sure their superstar back preserves himself for the future of their franchise. Todd Gurley is a stark reminder of the shelf-life of a RB in the meat-grinder…