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Baker Mayfield’s Dumb ‘Mustache-Gate’ Retort Sparks Weird NFL Betting Line

Baker Mayfield finally addressed “Mustache-Gate.” The Cleveland Browns QB had an… unexpected explanation for his constantly-evolving facial landscape. At least one sportsbook is now taking bets on Mayfield’s facial hair. Baker Mayfield is many things. So many, in fact, that it’s sometimes easy to get that he’s also—well, a quarterback in the NFL. He is…

Did Baker Mayfield Just Have His Ryan Leaf Moment?

Baker Mayfield’s dressing down of a reporter for asking the “dumbest” question possible has gone viral. Did the struggling Browns quarterback just have his “Ryan Leaf moment?” Or did Mayfield make the best of a bad situation? Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is a pretty upfront kind of guy. He isn’t going to be vulgar…