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Has the PS5 Already Won the Console War? Not so Fast

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Coronavirus May Have Already Triggered a U.S. Housing Market Crash

U.S. home values have have started coming down. New listings of homes for sale are plunging. The situation could worsen due to the economic impact of coronavirus. The U.S. housing market has been in the crosshairs of the novel coronavirus pandemic for over a month, but it looks like the time of crisis may already…

We’ve Already Spent 3 Billion Hours Binging Twitch in 2020

Twitch had its best quarter to date in Q1 2020. The platform hit all-time records with over 3 billion hours watched and over 121 million hours streamed. The surge in popularity is linked to the vast number of people confined to their homes by coronavirus lockdown measures. Twitch is more popular than ever, according to…

Mike McCarthy Has Already Doomed the Cowboys to Perpetual Mediocrity

Mike McCarthy was a change that the Dallas Cowboys sorely needed. As a head coach with a record of success, fans had every reason to believe he’d fix the franchise. But it looks like he already has the Cowboys on the wrong track. For many Dallas Cowboys fans, head coach Mike McCarthy will be able…