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Airline Stocks are Treating Coronavirus Like 9/11. Should You be Worried?

Airline stock performance has been a reliable indicator of recession, and they are down 30% in the last ten days alone. The last time airlines dropped this fast was 9/11. They posted similar declines amid the 2007 financial crisis. The World Bank estimates that a global pandemic could shave $3 trillion off global GDP –…

Airline Stocks Crash & Burn in Face of Climate Change ‘Flight Shame’

Airline stocks entered a punishing tailspin on Wednesday as rising costs threatened profits. United Airlines (NASDAQ: UAL) slid 4.72% to $83.69 per share. American Airlines (NASDAQ: AAL) was down 5.34% to $25.37. Delta Airlines (NYSE: DAL) fell 4.72% to $54.35. Even the leaner Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) stock dipped 2.49% to $52.04. Delta Airlines headlined…