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Blockchain ADDS course (Free)

Blockchain ADDS course (Free)

Blockchain ADDS course (Free)
Announcing Batch 4

Blockchain ADDS (Architecture, Design, Development, and Security) is a course designed to take you from the basics to designing, developing, and securing blockchains.

What you get

1. Live lectures
2. Tons of practicals
3. Live Quizzes
4. Recorded videos
5. Reading material
6. Exclusive LinkedIn Group
… All for free !!


1. Blockchain Basics
2. Public Blockchains
3. Blockchain Use-cases
4. Practical Blockchain (Part 1)
5. Practical Blockchain (Part 2)
6. Blockchain Security & Regulatory issues



Next batch:

Batch 4 starts on 27 July, 2022

Register now:

To register, complete these 2 steps:

Step 1: To get the lessons in your email inbox, subscribe to the “Blockchain with Rohas”: https://rohas.substack.com/

Step 2: To join the LinkedIn group for networking with other students of the ADDS course, visit this link and click on “Request to join”:

For the detailed syllabus, visit:

Blockchain ADDS course (Free)

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