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Beyond the Horizon

A TV drama by national broadcaster ITV catapulted the Post Office scandal into the mainstream

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Igor Danchenko outed as Steele dossier source

The shadowy figure who funneled information to Christopher Steele for his notorious election year dossier is Igor Danchenko, a Ukraine-born, Russian-educated researcher who worked in the U.S. and traveled to Moscow to find supposed dirt on candidate Donald Trump. Washington attorney Mark E. Schamel told the New York Times that Mr. Danchenko is his client.…

Tucker Carlson: U.S. should back Russia over Ukraine

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Monday that the U.S. “should probably take the side of Russia,” coming to the defense of the country’s autocratic leader and condemning other American broadcasters for doing the opposite. The conservative commentator and host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” said during the latest episode of his prime time opinion program…